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Keep Your Cool While on the Road

• Call local police to report the crash.

• Call your insurance company to report the crash. The earlier your insurance company knows about the crash, the faster it can get to work to resolve your claim.

• Start documenting what happened, if you can. If you’re able to do so safely, take photographs, make notes, ask witnesses for names and phone numbers. If you’re not able to do so safely, stand as far from the roadway— and the crashed cars—as you possibly can.

• Exchange only your insurance company name. Don’t discuss the details of your coverage with anyone at the accident scene.

• Exchange vital information with the other driver(s). Names, addresses, phone numbers are all useful to your insurance company in settling the claim.

For other tips to keep you safe on the road and keep your insurance rates down or to find an independent agent, visit progressiveagent.com.

Did You Know?
According to The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, it’s a good idea to put a dispos-able camera and pen and paper in your glove box when you travel. Car insurance claims can be settled faster if there’s a good record of what happened. For more information or to find an independent agent, visit progressiveagent.com.